Karel Antonín is a music composer from Prague, Czech Republic. He has composed music for various projects, including feature films, TV series, short films, video games and theatre plays produced by both domestic and foreign production companies. Antonín has received six awards for his music, including Best Score Award during the Irish Underground Cinema Awards for his score for the short drama UNLOCKING CHARLIE.

He started writing music when he was 20 years old. Subsequently, he had the opportunity to compose music for several short movies and commercials. A year later he composed scores for TV series HYSTERIA, Amnesty International’s “Healthcare Guaranteed” campaign, the feature film A KILLER IN PRAGUE and the video game MINER WARS.

His latest projects include Netflix Original SERIOUS MEN, Disney+ series HOSTAGES, Hollywood-produced feature films ALPHA CODE, THE SECRET OF KARMA, as well as video games SPACE ENGINEERS, DEX and VAPORUM: LOCKDOWN. He also scored two plays for PRAGUE BROADWAY THEATRE.