Best Score (Irish Underground Cinema Awards 2011)

Best Score (48 Hour Film Project Prague 2014)

Best Score (48 Hour Film Project Prague 2013)

Best Score (Game Developers Session 2009)

Best Score (Canes Film Festival 2012)

Award for Artistic (audiovisual) Contribution (Czech Game of the Year 2014)


Karel Antonín is a music composer from Prague, Czech Republic. He has composed music for over 80 projects, including short films, feature films, video games, plays, trailers, and commercials in various genres. Antonín has received six awards, including the 48 Hours Film Project Prague Best Score Award for two consecutive years and the Best Score Award during the Irish Underground Cinema Awards for his score from the short drama Unlocking Charlie.

He started writing music when he was 20 years old. Subsequently, he had the opportunity to compose for several short movies, including Perfidia (starring Karel Roden, Marian Roden, Lukáš Langmajer and Teresa Branna) and Unlocking Charlie (winner of The Best Short Film and The Best Score at Irish Underground Cinema Awards 2011). A year later he composed scores for TV series Hysteria, Amnesty International’s “Healthcare Guaranteed” campaign, the feature film A Killer in Prague and the video game Miner Wars.
His latest projects include the feature film Chameleon (starring Martin Kraus, Petra Hřebíčková, Anna Stropnická), the short film Grafters (Best Short Film at Orlando Film & Music festival, Best Director at Atlantic City Cinefest, Best Film at Back in the Box 2014) as well as video games – Medieval Engineers (award for a technical contribution at Czech Game of the Year 2014) and Dex (award for an artistic/audiovisual contribution at Czech Game of the Year 2014).